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Review of the Soocas W1 White Cordless Portable Water Flosser

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The Soocas W1 White Cordless Portable Water Flosser

The Soocas W1 White Cordless Portable Water Flosser

You need to floss if you want to hang on to your original set of teeth. If not, those cunning bacteria and microorganisms, anxious to avoid being brushed away, will set up camp between your teeth.

Proper flossing helps to remove food debris and bacteria from areas a toothbrush cannot reach, thwarting the construction of micro-organic bacteria colonies. And, because the food debris and bacteria are constantly being removed before they can be converted to plaque, your teeth won’t be turning quite so yellow. When it comes to oral care, you can’t beat the combination of a good electric toothbrush and proper flossing.

But I don’t floss. I’ve always found it a bloody and painful task that burdened my already busy morning.

However, I understand the importance of cleaning your teeth and gum line. For this reason, I’ve tested a series of oral irrigators, searching for one that worked effectively and painlessly without creating a mess.

Today I am taking a close look at a new water flosser from Soocas.



The Soocas cordless portable water flosser weighs in at just under nine ounces. Empty of water and with its nozzle detached, it is 5.9 inches tall, 1.65 inches thick, and 2.72 inches wide.

This device consists of a main body composed of white plastic, a transparent plastic extendable water tank, and four interchangeable nozzles.

A spring-reinforced tube protrudes into the extended and water-filled tank from the main body. The flosser’s battery-powered pump sucks water from the tank, dispersing it through a top-mounted nozzle.

A power and a mode button are located at the front edge of this water flosser. Available modes consist of gentle, standard, gum care, and pulse. The associated nozzles, as well as a tongue scraper, are included.

This oral irrigator is powered by a battery rated to work for 90 days between charges.


  • Manufacturer: Soocas
  • Common name: Portable cordless water flosser
  • Model: W1
  • Tank capacity: 150 milliliters (5 ounces)
  • Dry weight: 248 grams (8.74 ounces)
  • Width: 6.9 centimeters (2.7 inches)
  • Thickness: 4.2 centimeters (1.65 inches)
  • Height: 15 centimeters (5.9 inches)
  • Input power: 5V at 1A
  • Battery life: 90 uses
  • Battery charge time: 4 hours
  • Stated Water Pressure: 60 - 120 PSI
  • Pulse Rate: 1300 pulses per minute
  • Manual Pressure Control: Gentle, standard, gum care, and pulse
  • Nozzles: Standard, gum care (periodontal), pulse (orthodontic), and tongue scraper
  • Water Resistance: IPX7
  • Special feature: Extendable water tank

Flossing Methods

Those who floss generally slide a thin nylon filament between their teeth or use an oral irrigator.

String floss is inexpensive and can be used everywhere. Dental floss is inserted between each tooth and gently scraped up and down its inner surface. This procedure removes plaque and food particles from between the teeth and beneath the gum line. If performed correctly, string flossing is highly effective.

Oral irrigators are more expensive and can be less convenient to use. These devices create pulsating streams of water that massage the gums and push food debris away from teeth. Water flossers tend to be less abusive to the gums, and their pulsating water streams reach areas that dental floss cannot. They are particularly effective for those who wear braces.

Tank has been extended and filled with water

Tank has been extended and filled with water

Size Does Matter

For those traveling, the portability of their water flosser is crucial. Soocas has rather cleverly designed a water tank that, when empty, slides up and over the flosser’s main body. This effectively decreases the size of this oral irrigator by half.

During tests in standard mode, the tank emptied in 55 seconds. While that is not a particularly long period, this device can be refilled with water within ten seconds.


The Soocas water flosser is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged within four hours using the provided USB cable. According to the manufacturer, a single charge will last up to 90 days.

This water flosser is rechargeable

This water flosser is rechargeable


This water flosser is packaged with four different nozzles. The standard tip is intended to clean between teeth, while the gum line can be more effectively dealt with utilizing the periodontal nozzle. Those with braces will make use of the orthodontic nozzle. The spoon-shaped nozzle is great at scraping debris from tongues.

Modes of Operation

  • Gentle mode is used for sensitive teeth. Water pressure is limited to 60 PSI, and the standard nozzle is utilized.
  • I usually select standard mode in conjunction with the standard nozzle because its higher pressure will more effectively clean between my teeth.
  • The gum care mode, generally used with the periodontal nozzle, is the best choice for cleaning the gum line.
  • Those with braces will choose the pulse mode/orthodontic nozzle combination.
The Soocas flosser is small enough to fit in my bathroom cupboard

The Soocas flosser is small enough to fit in my bathroom cupboard

This device can be easily gripped and maneuvered

This device can be easily gripped and maneuvered

Overall Impression

I’ve been using this water flosser for the last week. While it is a bit of a messy procedure, the device does manage to flush plenty of previously trapped food particles into the bottom of my bathroom sink. Since it was rinsing away debris that the electric toothbrush missed, the usefulness of a water flosser is obvious.

I especially like the diminutive size of this device. It takes up little space in my bathroom cupboard and will be easy to pack away when traveling.

Because of their size and shape, portable water flossers tend to be awkward to handle. However, the Soocas W1 white cordless portable water flosser is the exception to this rule. It is recommended.

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