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Three Ways Seniors May Be Able to Stay in Their Homes

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My mother with her granddaughter Stacy

My mother with her granddaughter Stacy

Three Things Caregivers Can Do to Keep the Elderly at Home

Many elderly individuals become afraid about going into an assisted living or a nursing home once they become less active. So let us talk about the three things caregivers can do to keep their loved ones at home longer.

  1. Hire More Help
  2. Try Physical Therapy
  3. Offer Family Support

1. Hire More Help

Hiring more help for loved ones is a possibility for them to stay in the comfort of their homes. Try to find experienced people that have worked in nursing homes.

Personal Experience: My mother could stay in her home a little longer because a woman with many years of nursing home experience came to her house for seven hours a couple of days each week.

2. Try Physical Therapy

Talk to a doctor about starting or keeping up with physical therapy for elderly loved ones. Physical therapy keeps them active for at least an hour each session.

Personal Experience: My mother did better when she had physical therapy regularly. For reasons I do not understand, physical therapy had to stop, and from then on, she was not as active.

3. Offer Family Support

Family support can help elderly loved ones stay in their homes longer. Family members can help take turns being the caregiver.

Personal Experience: My sisters and I would take turns taking care of my mother. I would stay the most because the one sister had a full-time job over an hour away. My other sister had health problems that left her unable to help out much, except by visiting with her while I worked. But overall, it did help my mother stay in her home a year longer.

There are resources available for those who decide to be at-home caregivers.

There are resources available for those who decide to be at-home caregivers.

How to Support Your Elderly Loved Ones

I recommend trying the three things mentioned above to help keep elderly loved ones in the home longer. If you try to do the ways mentioned, more days living in their home should follow.

Being a caregiver can be challenging and also a blessing at the same time. Caregivers have to make hard decisions about the care of their loved ones. Good family support is the key to helping loved ones stay at home. Hiring more help can help along with the help family members can give their elderly loved ones. Then physical therapy should help even more when family support is present.

Helpful Resources

The first link in the list below explains how important physical therapy is for seniors because staying active is essential. However, seniors need to remember not to overdo it when exercising because straining of the muscle could occur.

The second and third links are about senior living in-home care.

These links should help answer the three ways I have written about to help seniors stay in their homes. One way to help seniors remain at home may not be the best in another situation. The key to helping seniors through the most significant changes in their lives is ensuring understanding is at the start of all conversations and the end of the conversation. Most of all, ensure love is front and center concerning the senior's way of life.


I know seniors may have to go into an assisted living or nursing home due to no other options, for one reason or another. Try to do what is best for the senior involved if a home is necessary.

My mother was the type that would not last long in a nursing home. She wanted to live her whole life and die in her own home. Sometimes I realize there is no other rational choice, but if you have family support options, think about them with much love and care. Then, if there is no other option but to place your loved ones in a nursing home, your heart may feel at peace.

Do your best to help the caregivers as well as the seniors involved. Both parties are important and need special consideration when considering the proper care for the seniors in our lives.

Keeping the Elderly at Home

See if support for your elderly loved one is keeping them at home, in assisted living, or if the answer is to place them in a nursing home facility. Whatever your choice is, do it with much love and compassion because life is short. Treasure every moment because life is precious regardless of age.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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