YouTuber Te-Erika Patterson - Mental Health Crisis or Free and Fearless Life?

Updated on December 1, 2019
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I'm a digital content creator, obsessed with creating unique articles and stories.

We have watched digital content creator, Te-Erika Patterson, vlog and blog her real life for more than ten years. She began her journey creating self-help content.

She is an educated, intelligent woman who has written articles for Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post, and she creates her own income through her blogs, vlogs, classes and eBook publishing. Her passion for helping others is genuine; but yet, she has never found just the right recipe to help herself.

As we've watched her go from homelessness and near homelessness from one coast to the other, struggle with social anxiety and depression issues and seemingly ignore the trauma of leaving her children for their father to raise them, many of us have often surmised that her passion for helping others is rooted in a burning desire to conquer her own demons.

Te-Erika Patterson and her sons
Te-Erika Patterson and her sons

Black YouTuber, Te-Erika Patterson, first appeared on the platform more than a decade ago. According to her introductory video back in 2008, she began her journey on YouTube as a way of breathing new life into her blog through video. Her initial videos were geared toward self-help for people having relationship issues.

In the beginning, Te-Erika was a mother to two young boys, she lived in South Florida and she had an enigmatic, but stand-offish nature. She eventually became homeless and she she gave up everything she owned, to "teach women how to overcome their fear of failure."

Perhaps there was some truth in Te-Erika's stated desire to teach other women how to overcome their fear of failure. However, we watched her give away all of her belongings, say goodbye to her sons, and eventually vlog her life in a homeless shelter. I doubt most people would go to that extent solely for philanthropic purposes. In any event, not many people would be brave enough to open their lives in this way, but Te-Erika forged on and she shared her truth.

Relocation to Los Angeles

Te-Erika eventually left South Florida to relocate to Los Angeles. In doing so, she left her sons with their father, and she got on a bus to the mean streets of L.A. with only $200 in her pocket. She didn't have a single friend or family member in L.A. and she had never even made so much as a visit to the West Coast before this trip.

Against all odds, and through much struggle, she made it in L.A. and she got herself established in a studio apartment near MacAurthur Park. She had the presence of mind to not drag her kids through this coast to coast move, because her son's father was better financially equipped to take care of them.

While in L.A. she operated a grant based program where she awarded $1000 of her own money to help other women who were also in the process of relocating to a new city and rebuilding their lives.

Te-Erika also created a website, forum and classes surrounding a concept she believed in called, "Female Led Relationships (FLR)." In FLR situations, the male in the relationship is happy to let the female take the lead role.

She created another YouTube channel and website that was solely devoted to the thousands of people who want to move to L.A. every year for one reason or another.

We watched her vlog her daily adventures from working temp jobs to being a brand ambassador and she even took us along on her journey of working as a Hollywood extra on many projects.

In her process of going from job to job, it was clear that she was learning about the things in life that she did not want to do. It appears that she didn't want to work for anyone else, and she wanted to earn her living totally on her own steam - through the passive income network of all of her online efforts.

Te-Erika did indeed quit her jobs and she lived off her own efforts in L.A. for a while; however, she was moving in a straight line instead of a gradual incline. It is highly important to note that it's nearly impossible for a person to keep a job when they are subject to anxiety and panic attacks. She isn't lazy by any stretch of the imagination, but her mental issues are the direct reason why she cannot keep a job.

In one of her videos, Te-Erika revealed that her son was acting out, because he wanted her to move back home to Florida to be close to him and his brother. Te-Erika took her son's comments to heart, and after approximately six years in L.A., she prepared to move back to Florida.

The Move Back to Florida

Back in Florida, Te-Erika changed the focus of her main YouTube channel to "Fun in Fort Lauderdale" and she vlogged her new adventures in the city and surrounding areas. She appeared to be doing well as she secured a cute little apartment that she had fun furnishing and decorating, and she even secured a videography gig.

Her oldest son was just starting college, her younger son was just starting high school and Te-Erika went about her days filming vlogs where she was showing us around South Florida hangouts and eateries, she was spending time with her sons and she appeared to be thriving once again...

The events of her moving back to Florida occurred in approximately mid 2018. Fast-forward to current day and unfortunately, Te-Erika Patterson is without a permanent home once again. It was less than six months ago that we watched her struggle emotionally as she had to give up her apartments and the personal belongings she had just begun to collect.

Te-Erika has faced her uncertain future with tons of optimism, but in the clip below, she conveys her frustration with her situation and not being in a position to have someone to lean on:

On the Road Again: The Free and Fearless Life

Today, Te-Erika has switched the focus of her channel to the pursuit of living a "free and fearless life and she has been living in AirBnB rentals, while moving from state to state. Although she does sometimes get down about her situation, her overall outlook is to embrace this part of her journey and view it as an opportunity to travel and see the country like many travel vloggers. Even at this dark hour in her life, she found a way to create a silver lining - how many of us possess this amount of strength?

During this bout with homelessness, Te-Erika, at times, doesn't know where she's going to go or when she's going to eat. She has had to stay on the streets a couple of times, but she has remained afloat for the majority of the time. She also has managed to write and publish a Kindle ebook on The book is titled, Moving to Los Angeles: Tips & Resources. In fact, T-Erika has penned a virtual library of books.

Lately, in more than one of her videos, we have seen Te-Erika speak frankly about her situation and she has verbalized that she is fully aware she has some sort of mental health issue. Unfortunately for her and many people like her, securing a decent, affordable and permanent place to live takes precedence over the underlying mental health issues.

As of November 2019, her recent videos reflect that she is currently in New Orleans. This is her second time visiting The Big Easy since she left South Florida. six months ago. The first time she stayed in New Orleans she had a bad experience with her AirBnB host, but she loved the city and she wanted to return.

Today, Te-Erika is back in New Orleans, and she has recently gone back to Florida to visit her sons for a short time. She is a single woman out here trying to make it. She isn't an eBeggar and she doesn't ask anyone for handouts, so to see her struggle is disheartening.

I have no doubt everything will work out for Te-Erika Patterson. But this time, we don't want things to just work out for Te-Erika, we want her to prosper. Therefore, please help me in supporting her by subscribing to and watching the videos on her main vlog channel, Te-Erika the Oracle (Free and Fearless Life), check out her channel devoted to relocating to Los Angeles at Moving to L.A. Today, and check out her eBooks at the Te-Erika Patterson Amazon Author's Page.

Is She Having a Mental Health Crisis or Is She Living a Free and Fearless Life?

People constantly tell Te-Erika that if she's tired of living an uncertain life, she should just go out and get a job. That may be true, to some extent, but it doesn't mean that she's mentally unstable if she chooses to ignore this advice.

Her mental issues clearly have to do with some sort of anxiety issues. I'm sure she would like to be a "normal person" and be able to keep a job, but her anxiety issues keep her from doing so. Yet and still, she manages to keep her head above water with digital content she creates herself, not many so-called "sane" people can do that.

Many of us deal with something that can probably be classified as a mental health issue, and Te-Erika is trying to deal with her issues the best way she knows how - the difference between her and many of us is the fact that we don't showcase our lives on a daily platform for others to judge.

She's trying to live a free and fearless life that is powered by her own steam and I'll bet many of us wish we had the courage and the wisdom to refuse to go punch a time clock for the man and instead invest in ourselves. Although the circumstances are not ideal, Te-Erika Patterson is trying to pull her life together, and I wish her nothing but success...


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    • Rachelle Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachelle Williams 

      5 days ago from Tempe, AZ

      I root for her as well...she has issues, we all do though; hers are on display for all to see.

    • Rachelle Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachelle Williams 

      5 days ago from Tempe, AZ

      Thank you D0lores,

      I've spoken to Te-Erika and she sees it, so I'm satisfied. Thank you for the compliment, I did create it with kindness in mind...

    • profile image

      Jen A. 

      5 days ago

      I've been following Te-Erika's story for years and I always root for her. She is like many other talented people who cannot live up to their potential because of mental illness.

    • profile image


      6 days ago

      I'm a fan of hers and have followed her for a few years - this is a fair and compassionate assessment of her journey from a viewer's perspective. I hope she hears the kindness inherent in it and receives it as openly as she can.

    • Rachelle Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachelle Williams 

      12 days ago from Tempe, AZ

      Thank you, so much Miss Dora! I hope she doesn't mind, I only created the story to bring awareness to her.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      13 days ago from The Caribbean

      Surely, Te-Erika would be happy for the way you presented her, as a woman needing but not begging for help. I love your caring attitude toward her. Quite a story. I will check out these links also.


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