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How to Store, Organize, Crush and Carry Pills: A Buying Guide

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Are you still popping pills straight from their strips? Take a look at 4 products that will make organizing, storing and crushing pills a walk in the park

Are you still popping pills straight from their strips? Take a look at 4 products that will make organizing, storing and crushing pills a walk in the park

Pill dispensers, pill boxes, pill crushers, pill organizers and key chains: Why all the frenzy about something as basic as pills and medicines? Truth is that popping pills is no joke. For someone who is on a multiple pill a day regime, storing, organizing and crushing pills can be a headache. Learn how to make your life easier if you are medically or otherwise required to pop pills, tablets, vitamins or supplements on a daily or weekly basis. Here are four products that you can buy online.

Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

1) Pill Dispenser

What is a pill dispenser?

Pill dispensers are much similar to pill organizers, except that the former have features that allow for easy or even electronic and automatic dispensing. Manual pill dispenser may simply have a slide or a flap that allows for easy dispensing of pills. Electronic or automatic ones will not only dispense but will also remember which pill you need to take and will sound off an alarm or buzz until the correct pill is dispensed. Think of it as a reminder for the forgetful.

Why use a pill dispenser?

  • Pill dispensers add utility and convenience to the process of organizing and storing medicines or other pills
  • Ease of dispensing allows you to dispense the pills without touching them
  • No longer will you need to worry about scratching or cutting yourself while opening bottles or foils of tablets every single day
  • Spills and breaking of pills is minimized

Best buy online - Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

  • Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser is a unique and useful pill dispenser that must be a household fixture for people who pop pills every day.
  • It does the job of a manual pill dispenser and has awesome features like the sounding of an alarm when it is time to take a pill
  • The dispenser is lockable - which is a top advantage if there are children in the household who may consume a pill unknowingly
  • Med-e-lert can store a week's supply of pills and medicines in its 28 compartments, each of which can hold many pills
  • This pill dispenser is all about convenience and peace of mind - It is a godsend for the forgetful, people with short-term memory loss and the elderly who may be on a multiple-pill-a-day regime
Apex Pocket Med Pack with 7 Day Tray

Apex Pocket Med Pack with 7 Day Tray

2) Pill Organizer

What is a pill organizer?

Simply known as a pillbox, a pill dispenser is your basic pill organizing tool that makes storage and consumption of pills easier. Pillboxes will generally have 7 compartments that allow you to store the different pills you are going to consume each day in the relevant box, likely to be labeled Monday through to Sunday.

Why use a pill organizer/pill box?

  • If your medication dosage requires you to pop multiple pills a day, it'd be a frustrating ordeal to open each tablet wrapper every day - you can sort and dump all the pills in their respective compartments of a pill box
  • Pillboxes make awesome companions while travelling - no longer will you need to fumble through your pouch of medicines to look for your morning pill, afternoon pill, and so on
  • For people who are forgetful or have short-term memory loss may actually forget whether they have taken a pill during the day or not - a pill organizer will put these worries to rest because all they have to do is look in the day's compartment
  • Pill boxes generally have locking mechanisms in place to avoid spillage, leakage or breakage of medicines
  • Pill boxes are generally not as bulky as pill dispensers and can easily be carried around in a handbag or carry bag
  • Pill organizers are also cheaper than electronic or battery-powered automatic dispenser - they make for an uber convenient and no-frills pill storage solution

Best buy online - Apex Pocket Med Pack with 7-Day Tray

  • Out of the few best buys on, the Apex Pocket Med Pack stood out because of a few obvious benefits over other pill boxes
  • It comes with 7 individual pill pods, holding up to 25 pills, with separate sections for AM and PM - allows you to set up your weekly dosage of medicines easily
  • The pods can be lined up on a tray to sit well on any kitchen bench or side table
  • You don't need to carry the entire pill box if you are going out for the day - simply dump the individual pod for that particular day in your pocket, handbag or pouch
  • Apex Pocket Med Pack makes for a cheap yet convenient pill box that makes popping pills seem like a no-brainer, literally
Ultra Pill Crusher (Pulverizer)

Ultra Pill Crusher (Pulverizer)

3) Pill Crusher

What is a pill crusher?

As the name suggests, a pill crusher is used to crush pills. If you're mocking the little pill crusher, you're underestimating the relief that it has brought in the lives of many who are either unable to swallow their tablets or have a phobia that makes swallowing pills a horrifying ordeal. If swallowing and gulping pills is an issue, a pill crusher is a must-have.

Why use a pill crusher?

  • A pill crusher is godsend for the elderly who cannot swallow pills or kids who are not old enough to gulp down large pills
  • If you don't like the bitter taste of pills, you can crush a pill and mix it with flavored yoghurt or some such and make your pill-popping experience sweeter, literally!
  • You don't need to get your fingers or hands messy by crushing pills in the middle of two spoons or in a manual grinder
  • Pills crushers generally provide for a storage area which can be used to store a certain quantity of the crushed powder - this is helpful for people who may need to take only half a pill for the moment and the other half in the later part of the day or week
  • Pill crushers are generally small enough to be tucked away in a jacket pocket, handbag, carry bag or pouch just in case you are travelling - ask any regular pill popper who needs to crush pills how annoying it is to crush, carry and store the contents of a pill while travelling

Best buy online - Ultra Pill Crusher (Pulverizer) By Apex Medical

  • Currently selling online at a price which is just about as cheap as a hot cup of cappuccino at a local café, the Ultra Pill Crusher is a cheap buy
  • It offers leverage which allows crushing pills with little effort
  • The product has been designed keeping in mind convenience and ergonomics - secure wing grips for ease of use
  • Ultra Pill Crusher also has a storage area where a portion of the crushed pill can be stored if you don't require to consume the entire pill right away
  • Crushing a pill is as easy as unscrewing the top, putting the pill inside and screwing it back on with ease
  • Ticks all the boxes in terms of utility for the elderly, children who can't swallow and for people who need to pulverize their vitamins to mix with their protein shakes or some such
Key chain style pill container

Key chain style pill container

4) Pill Container

What is a pill container?

Pill containers are pill boxes that make storage for pill easier for people on the go. They come in the form of key chains or simple but compact pill boxes that can be carried around while on the run. Some of these are also waterproof and airtight

Why use a pill container?

  • Pill containers are a stylish alternative to carrying pills around rather than a dud-plastic box
  • For those who are not big on consuming tablets and simply want to store basic medicines like aspirin while on the go
  • Store your pills safely and protected from the elements while you are travelling

Best buy online - Waterproof Airtight Pill Fob Holder Med Rx Box Keychain

  • Waterproof and airtight, as the manufacturers claim, is definitely the way to go when it comes to safe storage of pills
  • This key chain cum pill holder can double up as the key chain for your car keys and a safe storage box for your pills or simply as a zipper pull for one of your handbags or purses
  • Med Rx Box Keychain definitely makes for a stylish storage option for your pills - the best part is that no one will figure out that you are carrying pills around unlike a very glaringly obvious plastic pill organizer

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princesswithapen (author) on January 06, 2012:


Yep, the best thing about having a pill dispenser or organizer is that you don't need to fuss too much about having to remember the pills you've already taken and the ones you haven't. Overdoing pills is probably as bad, if not worse, as not taking them at all.


LoriSoard from Henryville, Indiana on January 06, 2012:

I even find it helpful with taking vitamins. There are days that I am so frazzled that I can't remember what vitamins I took or when. I can just look at my organizer and it answers the question adn I don't have to miss taking them or overdo it on them.

princesswithapen (author) on January 06, 2012:


You're right. Pill organizers are indeed very helpful for anyone who takes more than a pill or two every day. A previous work colleague used to keep a pill organizer in her office desk too. I could see how convenient it was for her to be simply reminded every time she had to take a pill.

Thanks for stopping by!


Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on January 06, 2012:

These look all too familiar. I used to take 6 or 7 different vitamins everyday so to keep them straight, I'd fill up a pill organizer. They're very helpful!