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Desoxyn: FDA-Approved Methamphetamine

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Bottle of Desoxyn

Bottle of Desoxyn

Desoxyn (methamphetamine) was given the green light for medical use in the United States by the FDA in the beginning of 2010. It was approved to be used to treat ADHD in people of all ages, exogenous obesity, and “other” medical conditions. Desoxyn is required to carry a black box warning due to the high risk of life-threatening and even fatal adverse effects.

Misuse may cause sudden death or extremely serious cardiovascular effects such as chest pain, heart attack, and trouble breathing.

Other less serious side effects due to misuse of this medication include: agitation, paranoia, severe stomach pain, seizures, stroke, kidney damage and/or failure, coma, hallucinations, delusions, sweating, vomiting, repeated infections, and skin sores.

Side Effects

Even when using Desoxyn as prescribed, it still poses some very harmful risks.

Some of the common, short-term use side effects are the following: dry mouth; loss of appetite; headaches; insomnia, agitation; irritably; anxiety; blurred vision; dizziness; faintness; false or unusual sense of wellbeing; fast, pounding; or irregular heartbeat; pounding in the ears; restlessness; shakiness in the legs, arms, hands or feet, swelling of the feet or lower legs; twitching; twisting; or uncontrolled repetitive movements of the tongue, lips, face, arms or legs; uncontrolled vocal outbursts and tics; unusual tiredness or weakness; addiction.

The less common side effects are quite alarming, as well: high blood pressure; rapid pulse rate; feelings of suspicion and paranoia; depression; visual hallucinations; Dermatoses; viral and urinary tract infections; elevated ALT enzyme levels in the blood (signaling liver damage); a craving for cocaine.

The permanent, long-term use side effects are much worse, however: addiction; paranoid hallucinations; repetitive motor activity; changes in brain structure and function; deficits in thinking and motor skills; easily distracted; confusion; memory loss; aggressive and/or violent behavior; new or worsened mental disorders; severe dental problems due to grinding of the teeth.

Adverse effects of Methamphetamine

Adverse effects of Methamphetamine

The adverse effects of long term use of Desoxyn are almost identical to the street drug meth. They are essentially the same drug, except Desoxyn includes hydrochloride to aid with digestion and does not include fillers to stretch the drug for profit. Desoxyn is the purest meth you can get, approved by the FDA, to give to our children, teenagers, and for us to take for our ADHD or obesity. Unlike amphetamines, such as the brand name drug Adderall, or even cocaine, Desoxyn (methamphetamine) is known to be neurotoxic to humans. The definition of neurotoxic is; toxic to the nerves or nervous tissue. Long-term use of the prescription drug changes the structure and function of the brain, usually by reducing the grey matter volume in several regions.

Grey Matter and the Brain.

Grey Matter and the Brain.

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Grey matter is a major component of the central nervous system. Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neurons. Neurons transmit information to different parts of the brain through chemical or electrical signals. Grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. While 20% of all oxygen taken in by the body goes to the brain, 95% of that goes specifically into the grey matter. Reduction of grey matter due to Desoxyn will show obvious, permanent, and physical damage to the brain. Most will develop permanent mood disorders like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Many will develop neurological problems due to neurotoxicity such as; limb weakness or numbness, sexual dysfunction, trouble speaking, dementia, long-term and short-term memory loss, body tremors, and confusion. That is only just a few out of hundreds.


No approximate number of how many people are prescribed Desoxyn in the United States can be found, however around 7 million Americans are considered morbidly obese, and about 1 in every 10 children between the ages of 3 and 17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year. Over 2.8 million school-aged children were taking a stimulant for ADHD in 2008. More recent studies in 2011 suggest that the number of medicated children and adolescents is increasing.

Since Desoxyn is relatively new on the drug market, there is only one generic that is possibly available in replacement for the expensive brand name drug, but its manufacturing is limited due to small funding, thus making it not available in most pharmacies. So pharmaceutical companies put a big push on Desoxyn and offer a big incentive to doctors to prescribe it due to its high profit margins. It is mostly prescribed to people with ADHD, which is a life-long condition. Unfortunately most patients of this potent drug are or will be considered long term users and will suffer the serious consequences stated above. ADHD is a mental illness that requires most to take medication, usually for almost their whole lives. Most patients in the recent past have been prescribed Adderall for this condition. Adderall is highly abused and sold at a high street value. But as I said earlier, unlike Desoxyon, Adderall is amphetamine, not methamphetamine, and is not neurotoxic to humans.

I do not see why another stimulant has to be added to the list of legal prescription drugs, especially one that is neurotoxic to humans. It's astonishing that Desoxyn has approved by the FDA for medical use while we have a War on Drugs, that most consider into be a War on Marijuana. Many studies have shown the marijuana has been proven to be less harmful and have fewer side effects than most prescription drugs, and most definitely has far less side effects than Desoxyn. To some it may appear that our own government has a hidden agenda to create an epidemic of addicts. That is not too far from the conspiracy theory that in the 1980s the U.S. government was responsible for the rise of crack-cocaine in black-populated areas in America with high-poverty. Regardless of any conspiracies, it just amazes me that the doctors are prescribing methamphetamine to our children and our youth.

Desoxyn Withdrawal and Desoxyn Detox



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Tony on May 05, 2018:

I’ve been on I t two plus year now. I’m twenty six. It’s a gift and a curse. Depends on how you view it. More of a curse. I can’t say I’m proud of the dependence that has been established. Desoxyn is Desoxyn is Desoxyn. Desoxyn is Meth, point blank period. This article is right about many things, but is also wrong about a few things as well. Coming off of this is like attempting to escape a fire unscathed, it can be a little tricky.

Tom on May 19, 2016:

Scary stuff M. Thank you for devoting the time, and your obvious passion, to inform people about this this issue. First I have read/heard about it.

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