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Hemorrhoids or Piles: Dos and Don'ts

A family member has suffered from piles thrice so far. It's very distressing to see his grief, so I'm sharing a few helpful pointers.

Hemorrhoids are a tricky ailment.

Hemorrhoids are a tricky ailment.

The Antagonizing Pain

We often say the phrase 'pain in the ass' about the people we abhor, but, God forbid, if you suffer from hemorrhoids you will clearly understand what 'pain in the ass' truly means. That devastating ailment becomes the state of a person. They cannot walk, they cannot talk, they cannot eat or sleep or sit properly; also, they can't cough, sneeze, change positions, or toss and turn on the bed. Every move causes excruciating pain.

External hemorrhoids are a lump formed in the area of the anus. It could form because of a tear in the anal area. You can call it inflammation. The lump can be tiny, huge, one, more than one, etc. It's mostly at the border of the anus; hence the discomfort and affliction. It can even form somewhere inside the border of the anus and then stretch outside causing agony internally and externally.

Your blood vessels enlarge over and around your anal orifice, so the skin layer swells up. The enlarged area has an ache of its own. It's like the affected nerves struggle hard to open up; however, those inflated nerves pinch and stick to the surface and torment you enormously.

You might experience two types of pain. The first one is constant and gives a heavy and hard feeling leading to stress.

The second pain is worse. That mostly happens out of friction and pressure that occurs naturally when you move. You cannot remain still for twenty-four hours a day. Can you? As a result, the pain intensifies.

If your piles are small, the suffering will be mild. For bigger swelling, inflammation, and lumps, the pain will be intense and huge.

Hemorrhoids or piles wreck your normalcy, and your peace of mind and body.

In this article, I will illustrate dos and don'ts, along with some very helpful solutions to get rid of your hemorrhoids fast.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

  • Wear and tear from anal sex could result in a hemorrhoidal attack.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome can be another reason.
  • Hard stools can cause piles.
  • Putting too much pressure on the rectum while doing potty could tear the muscles and nerves and cause the disease.
  • One can get it after facing severe and constant diarrhea.
  • Sitting on the toilet seat for too long even after finishing your potty could harm you. Some people have that habit. They are either engrossed in the phone or they read a newspaper or they just sit idly thereby putting strain on the rectum without even realizing the potential harm.
  • If you fall on your buttocks haphazardly or get a cut, bruise, or injury by accident in the anus area, it might fester into a hemorrhoidal swelling.
  • Putting pressure on the rectum area while sitting on objects can lead to inflammation.
  • Hard nails that prick or pierce into the anus would bring the condition.
  • Tight underwear, jeans, and tight clothing can inflict you with a lump.
  • Consumption of protein powder along with chicken, meat, fish, spicy and oily food in excess acts as a trigger.
  • Pregnancy
  • And lastly, piles can grow out of nowhere without any reason.

Dos and Don'ts

If you get hemorrhoids, follow these:

  • Sit on soft objects—a cushion, sofa, couch, etc.
  • Don't sit on the hard floor or wood.
  • Recline on support while sitting. That way you won't have to put much weight on your lower body. Besides, you might get back pain if you sit without back support for long hours straight.
  • Don't put pressure on the anus while sitting; instead, sit on the sides of your buttock.
  • Try to remain still from waist down to thighs.
  • Sit in one position for as long as possible.
  • To tackle boredom while sitting still, and for blood circulation, shake your hands, stretch them overhead, move your shoulders, head, and even your legs below the knees.
  • When you have to adjust or stand or walk, move in slow motion. Use body support.
  • Don't move quickly and vigorously, it will put unnecessary pressure on the affected area.
  • Drink hot tea, lukewarm water, and hot beverages. I have noticed hot beverages soothe internal pain and swelling. After 20 minutes of drinking the hot beverage, your anus will feel at ease.
  • Maintain proper nutrition even though it's difficult.
  • The best way to tackle this is to first take a sitz bath and then consume your meals. Sitz bath relaxes the wear and tear and soothes the sores or lumps of piles.
  • Sit in hot water for 15 minutes before going to sleep, and try sleeping in one position. Tossing and turning in bed will likely result in discomfort.
  • Toss and turn steadily in bed.
  • Because of the swelling, passing gas might be difficult. I recommend effective tablets or syrups that aid in digestion. You face the risk of acidity and an upset stomach as the gas might not pass out and would remain inside.
  • Cut your nails short. You are going to have to apply a cream on your wound, and hard nails must not result in irritation or bruises.
  • Your hemorrhoids could release blood at any time and soil your clothes. I would advise you to wear dark color loose pajamas. That way you won't notice blood which will save you from paranoia and panic.
  • Use an exclusive soft and flat cushion to sit on, and lay a piece of cloth on the bed before sleeping to avoid soiling the bedsheet.

Look For Other Signs

When you have piles, don't just concentrate on the disease. Check the rest of your body. If you notice breathing and urine issues, it means your respiratory and urinary tract are affected too. Somehow, they are all interconnected. Your doctor will understand when he conducts the check-up.

If not piles, you could have an abscess or fistula resulting in similar grief and dread. In that too, you will need antibiotics, steroids, and bacterial and parasitic creams. A sitz bath helps in all.

I am watching my body closely

I am watching my body closely

Allopathy Treatment

You need a good antibiotic and pain killer:
Bacteria and parasites could worsen your condition. Your respiratory tract must be clear of any infection, and so should be the urinary tract. Your urine, anyways, might not flow freely because of the hemorrhoidal attack.

Doctors will prescribe medicines to open up the shrunken blood vessels along with antibiotics and pain killers. Not to forget, steroid creams or anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic creams.

For blood flow, your pills could contain salts like Diosmin and Hesperidin. But, I must tell you they work slowly.

Regarding pain killers, pills containing Aceclofonac + Parecetomal + Serratiopeptidase are highly efficient and quick to relieve massive pain. So, that provides some good news.

Steroid creams containing Lidocaine along with Nifedipine could be suggested. Other creams with salts: Calcium Dobesilate, Hydrocortisone, Phenylephrine, Zinc oxide, Troxerutine, etc may be prescribed.

In worst cases, surgeries are advised. Pray and hope it doesn't come to that.

Antibiotics cures and pain killers ease the suffering

Antibiotics cures and pain killers ease the suffering

Sitz Bath: A Savior

In case if you face a hemorrhoidal attack, don't ignore taking a sitz bath. Sitz bath will become your friend and savior. More than the medicines, warm water will comfort you and will quickly relieve the discomfort and pain. That effective it is.

All you need to do is, put warm water in a tub, and soak in that water for a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes. The moment the water touches your hemorrhoids, you will begin to feel better which will surely uplift your sunken mood.

Warm water soothing the piles

Warm water soothing the piles

Pointers on Sitz Bath

  • Check the temperature of the water before you sit - the water must be warm not too hot.
  • You might feel uneasy but sit comfortably.
  • Don't dance around in the tub. Find a most comfortable position and stick to it.
  • What you will notice is, your piles won't be excruciatingly painful inside hot water, your hemorrhoid will quickly relax and cause less trouble.
  • At that time, you can move a bit for better blood flow. You can even clean the affected anal area gently.
  • If you find it difficult to sit on your buttocks, use the support of your hands and legs and body with face-up and buttocks down. Like a yoga pose.
  • Don't sit for too long, and certainly be careful not to catch cold and fever because of the frequent use of water.
  • Taking the bath before meals and bed will greatly help you to eat comfortably and sleep soundly.

Hemorrhoids or Something Else?

There are other conditions similar to piles such as anal fistula, abscess, peri anal abscess, sores, etc. They mostly grow over your buttocks near to anus whereas piles grow on the border of the anus. They could all be interconnected, even the treatments could be a bit similar or entirely different. In each condition, a sitz bath really works well. Besides, antibiotics for viral, parasitic, and bacterial infections are commonly prescribed.

Proper hygiene is extremely paramount to protect yourself from such dreadful conditions. Cleaning your anal area with warm water will protect you massively. If you use tissues, wipe and rub gently. Don't be quick and harsh while cleaning your rectum. Lastly, if you feel even the slightest discomfort, be alert and don't dismiss the issue. It might result in danger.

Slow cure, enormous stress

Slow cure, enormous stress

Timeline of Piles

Hemorrhoids won't develop overnight. They will take a few days or more to fester and turn full-fledged. The good news is, your body will give you a hint about the impending danger. You will experience distress and discomfort while sitting and attending to the toilet.

Secondly, if your stools don't flow freely, and it hurts and burns when you do potty, it's a reliable warning to buckle up.

And when they attack you, they won't go away quickly. It should take at least a week or two for relief to kick in. For a few, the condition becomes recurring.

Therefore, act swiftly and take necessary measures such as using stool softeners, moisturizing your anal area, applying a soothing cream, taking a sitz bath, etc. That should make you handle your disease diligently.

Yay! I have overcome piles.

Yay! I have overcome piles.

A Word of Caution

Piles, abscesses, sores, rashes, swelling, inflammation, and infection on your bottom could be an STD you might have caught from someone. If so, don't shy from your doctor and be entirely honest with him.

Diseases may develop quickly or after a week or so. Watch your body closely after your encounters. Be cautious and safe always.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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