We're a family owned and operated business that's focused on one thing, Care Packages for Cancer Patients.

After losing family members and seeing loved ones survive cancer diagnosis, we realized that many people are going through the same hard times. We wanted to help. To make a difference in our loved-ones medical journey. To wrap them in support and care even if we lived in a different province. So we designed care packages that would take a few more things off a patients and their caretaker's mind - or to provide a gift for someone to give when they don't know how to help. Instead of flowers, we wanted people to have something to give that was both comforting and helpful. At Viva Kits we are committed to providing convenient useful essentials.

By speaking to patients, medical professionals, family and researching extensively, we have carefully curated the items in these kits to solve many chemo journey needs.

Viva Kits care packages are prepared ahead of time and ready to go...