Toni Boucher

I first encountered autism twenty some years ago as a volunteer respite provider for a foster family (or so I thought).  I fell in love with that little red-headed girl who never spoke and always wondered "what is she thinking?"  Since then, I have had the opportunity to spend extensive time with teens and adults on the autism spectrum who have generously shared their life experiences and insights with me.  Parents have told me that this information which I have passed on to them has helped them to understand their own children and what they can do to improve their lives.  It is my goal to provide readers with useful information about autism and how to support those who have it. I have recently become especially interested in the unique employment challenges for people with autism as the neurodiversity movement continues to grow. Friends and colleagues call me an undiagnosed aspie and I'm the author of the book Autism Translated: 5 Keys to Help You Understand & Connect with Teens and Adults on the Spectrum.