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Valerie Washington

Who IS Stayingalivemoma?

I'm a Mom of five...working hard to stay alive. Living each day to the fullest!

I am an aspiring screenwriter. However, I am not without my "deficits".... I suffer from severe allergic asthma, tons of allergies, cardiomyopathy, heart failure and COPD. It makes for a difficult life, but I have tons of optimism, love and empathy. So why not write about it and ways to make your life easier and more fulfilling?

I love people of all races, why? Because we all go through the same, sadness, hurt, despair, compassion, health problems, money name it. Life is not always a bowl of cherries.

That's my son Lakota in my picture, you can read the amazing story about him in the hub titled, "His Name is Lakota". It talks about my near death experience with my pregnancy. I am also working on articles that will showcase living with heart failure, asthma, etc. I also have children with asthma and autism, so more articles to come on that as well!

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