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Rob Jundt

I suppose I've always had a creative streak in me. How else can I explain my unique style of specific organization, creative piles of organization, and overall idea-laden skull. (Not that they're all great ideas, just ideas). Anywhoo... I've spent the majority of my professional career in sales and small business development; starting and operating my own company for over 12 years.

The challenge of making something out of nothing has always intrigued me. This explains my forays into music performance (Still do it just not as much) and writing. I still consider myself novice at both but at least I've been paid on a few occasions.

My collegiate days were spent at the University of Missouri-Columbia (GO TIGERS!) where I earned a bachelors degree in journalism.

The internet as a networking and publishing forum is a relatively new activity for me. But spending time on hubpages has definitely nudged my idea bin a bit wider. Now all I need is a bit more time to leave it cracked. I have to admit it's getting better.

The short list of passions in my life include faith, family, friends, music, learning, creativity, gardening and baseball. I've spent my entire life in the midwest state of Missouri growing up in St. Louis (GO CARDS, 2006 & 2011 WS CHAMPS), going to college in Columbia, and settling down in Kansas City. I guess you could say I'm a westward mover.

I don't have a particular theme on HP just a desire to write about a few topics I have marginal knowledge of. I'll stray into spiritual pastures, meander through technical lingo, and drop off a few grab bags of this and that. I hope you enjoy my hit and miss blend of subject and action.

Stick around if you wish. Share a comment or two. And enjoy the karma. LOL

Blessings!-- RJ

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