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Robert Robillard is a freelance writer and part time affiliate marketer who makes his home in Livonia, Michigan. He has been called a "Jack of all trades" due to an unusually wide range of career paths, hobbies and personal experiences. He enjoys writing about the great outdoors, pets, and topics of human interest,but has also ghostwritten stories and articles on scores of topics, for dozens of clients.

If you've spent much time on the iTunes App Store, you've probably already come across some of his work. Rob has written app description pages and press releases for more than 200 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps for software developers around the world.

Here on HubPages, a few of Rob's articles feature specific products. In the interest of full disclosure, if you click through and purchase a product from one of these hubs, he does receive a small commission. It is his hope that his product based content provides valuable information for consumers, and he thanks you for your support.