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Kenneth Anderson, MA is the author of the book How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol--your one stop guide to safer drinking, reduced drinking, or quitting alcohol altogether Mr. Anderson is also the founder and CEO of The HAMS Harm Reduction Network. HAMS is the first world-wide, lay-led, free-of-charge support group for people who drink alcohol which is based on the principles of harm reduction. He has eight years of experience working in the field of harm reduction--ranging from work in needle exchange to work in moderate drinking programs. He presented "Harm Reduction Strategies for Heavy Drinkers" at the 7th National Harm Reduction conference in 2008 and will present "An Alcohol Harm Reduction Self-Help Manual" at the 2010 conference. He has been a regular guest speaker at the Harlem Hospital Harm Reduction Program and many other venues.