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I'm a California girl, living, learning and sharing my interests.  One of my great passions is reading (my husband is constantly amazed at his capacity to be amazed by my library runs) and I've spent the last few years learning everything the doctors couldn't tell me about food intolerances, allergies and celiac disease. 

Of course, raising 2 kids to be healthy, happy, contributing members of society takes priority in my life.  I'm excited to join hubpages, and hope you'll bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of this unique way to share content. 


If you enjoy reading my hubs and would like to try generating some of your own, sign up here! 

Like what you read?  Want to share?  Awesome!  Please use the share button found at the bottom of every hub or pass on the direct link.  Original content is protected by copyright.  Photographs are used under public domain or with creator's permission, as cited.