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Mia Carter

My Work

I'm a bit of a modern renaissance woman. I'm a longtime journalist, freelance writer and web developer, SEO consultant and graphic designer. I've worked for many major news outlets, including CBS and NBC. I've contributed to CNN, The Boston Globe and many others.

Many may also know me through my work on, where I offer a range of services such as content and script writing. Many content writers may know me from, where I was one of the top writers. I also served as a Senior Editor at for several years.

I also contributed to many other sites, including Demand Studios and Squidoo (which led me here to Hubpages, so I figured "What the hey. Let's start writing again!")

My Passion

I'm also an animal lover and I've written extensively about pet care and pet health both on the web and in print.

I specialize in sick/special needs animals, including those with behavioral issues. I have 6 dogs, 16 cats and a small flock of birds.

My dogs include two chihuahuas, one pug, one min pin, one Jack Russell terrier and one Yorkshire terrier. The dog in my profile photo is Sasha-Simone, a rescued pit bull. Sadly, she passed away on 2-11-2014 at the age of 11.

My cats include two domestic long hairs and 14 domestic short hairs. All are rescues and most are former ferals or strays. We also help care for a local colony of feral cats.

My birds include one society finch, two gouldian finches and nine zebra finches, including three of which I've bred myself.

While I've done a small amount of finch breeding, most of my bird-related experience is in the area of rehabilitation and foster care of parrots, canaries and finches. I've also done extensive work with dozens of special needs dog fosters.

I recently started a site to document my flock and my finch breeding experiences at