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Meloncauli is an ex nurse, nanny, anxiety management therapist, dog walker and ice cream seller !! She was also a mental health service user for many years. She loves to write about things that really matter and if someone learns even a fraction of something when they read her articles then she will be a happy lady. She has done quite a bit of voluntary work within the mental health service locally. Anything to do with mental health interests and intrigues her!

She is a married mother of four children and has four grandchildren. In recent years she has had to deal with cancer and the worsening of several painful conditions, as well as ME. Spiritual growth is important to her as she believes life is a continual learning process and we can be tested at any time, and often without warning!

Meloncauli receives lots of personal emails asking for help but is no longer a practising therapist due to bad physical health. If it is something she can answer with one email she will try to oblige but please understand she does not give online therapy any more.

She loves being part of the HubPages community and has had two "hub of the day" achievements

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