Kallie Rice

Welcome to my Blogs. My passions are writing, creative or non-fiction, cooking, my family and my friends. So why not combine a little of all of them in my blogs? I'm also a Voracious Reader, Retired Actress, Television Chef, Sumo Wrestler, Black Belt in Karate, Sky Diver, English Channel Swimmer and Great Cook & Hostess. As you can tell, I have a very active imagination. Unfortunately, I also have a very short memory. Thus, most of the above are fantasy. Or so my family tells me. Except the Reader part. And the Writer part. And the Cook & Hostess part. Oh, and the Actress Part was NOT a paying job. I'm actually a former legal professional and currently a Freelance Writer on a variety of topics for a variety of publications. I love life stories. As they say, the truth is always better than fiction! And don't some of your favorite stories about family and friends involve a meal or a party? Don't hesitate to post in the Comment Section if you have any remarks or questions you'd like to ask me, and I'll answer you! I'd love to hear from you!