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Kallie Rice

Welcome to my Blogs. My passions are writing, creative or non-fiction, cooking, my family and my friends. So why not combine a little of all of them in my blogs? I'm also a Voracious Reader, Retired Actress, Television Chef, Sumo Wrestler, Black Belt in Karate, Sky Diver, English Channel Swimmer and Great Cook & Hostess. As you can tell, I have a very active imagination. Unfortunately, I also have a very short memory. Thus, most of the above are fantasy. Or so my family tells me. Except the Reader part. And the Writer part. And the Cook & Hostess part. Oh, and the Actress Part was NOT a paying job. I'm actually a former legal professional and Executive Entreprenure, and currently a Freelance Writer on a variety of topics for a variety of publications. I love life stories. As they say, the truth is always better than fiction. Don't hesitate to post in the Comment Section if you have any remarks or questions you'd like to ask me, and I'll answer you! I'd love to hear from you!