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Emma Kisby

Hi, I'm Emma Kisby, but I write under my maiden name. I am 39 years old, based in the UK and I like to write web content, articles and blogs. After discovering Hubpages I decided to give it a go to see if anyone will actually be interested in my articles. Just over a year later I was excepted on the Hubpages Apprenticeship Program and I've had HUB OF THE DAY - Three times!

I have English and Creative Writing qualifications as well as Business and IT. I wrote a lot of poetry in my younger days and had some published, which was impressive for a teenager.

I can write eclectically as I have varied interests and different experiences. These range from NVQ assessing, to special educational needs. I have had years of healthcare experience as well as working with children, and I have rather a creative streak which helps!

I love social media and seeing what other people are all about. I read blogs and compare them to my own, but I stick to my own style. I write serious stuff and funny stuff too, and will research any topic thrown at me.

My first published articles were film reviews for a newspaper at the age of 17. It was the best work experience!