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Dominique Powell

Dominique Powell was born in Mraryland in 1974.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Technical managemt in 2012, and is currently working towards an MBA.  She has had end stage renal disease since the age of 16 and was on dialysis since 1991.  She received three kidney transplants, the most recent in August of 2013. It is her desire to help other dialysis pateints to live a better quality of life by sharing her wealth of life experience and knowledge. She also wants to help people to learn to live well and to find enjoyment in their lives.  She recently started a company that is dedicated to just that "cause" called Embrace Life, LLC.  There is a blog there specifically geared towards living on dialysis, which offers tips and personal anecdotes for managing the dialyiss lifestyle.  The website also offers tips and other pertinent information for living life to its fullest.