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Crystal Tatum

I'm a writer by trade and by birth, I think. I've been writing since...well, since I could write.

At around age six I wrote a highly-dramatic episode of the then-popular televison show "Dallas" in which Sue Ellen told J.R. she was three days pregnant. I followed that up with lyrics to about 300 pop tunes that lamented and celebrated the heartaches and joys of falling inlove as I imagined them. Given that I was still in elementary school, I think they were pretty decent.

I have an over-active imagination, am super creative and a tad dramatic. I keep most of those characteristics in check to do my day job as a reporter for a small-town newspaper. I have 10 years of experience as a professional journalist covering everything from wastewater treatment to rodeo riders.

I love writing about people. I believe everyone has a story, and an interesting one, even if they don't know it themselves.

I tend to explore my more creative side on HubPages, while still writing informative articles. Thanks for stopping by!